We understand that many who are interested in studying our Basic Program lack the means to commit themselves for five years to a residential study program. Therefore, we are happy to announce that from February 2014 onward we are able to offer an online study program. Those who would like to study the Basic Program subjects at home can by way of the Basic Program Homestudies study and practice the teachings in daily family and working life.

What is involved?

The Studies:

  • Studying the root text and the commentaries of the individual Basic Program subjects.
  • Studying the transcripts of the teachings by Geshe Jamphel Gyaltsen or listening to the recordings of these teachings.
  • Answering the weekly discussion questions.
  • Comparing your answers with the answers provided by Nalanda and memorising them.
  • Sending your qualms to the Basic Program Coordinator. Answers to your qualms will come from either Geshe Jamphel Gyaltsen or one of the resident students.
  • Making an exam every two months.
  • Studying additional books and commentaries. Nalanda will provide a list of books that the students can buy themselves.

The Practice:

  • Daily morning meditation on the lamrim with a practice of purification and accumulation of merit (45 minutes, five days a week).
  • Integrating the studies into your daily life, by way of, for example making a daily self-evaluation.
  • Noting instances of anger as they arise and the antidotes applied.

How many hours per week will I need?

One will have to fit the study to one's own personal circumstances, but we suggest 10-15 hours a week. The majority of time will be used for studying the root text and transcripts, or listening to the teachings, and by looking at the text, the commentaries and the transcripts, going through the discussion questions for each week.

Where are the files?

The BP files, audio, transcripts, and course material, are available on the Nalanda Website. These can be downloaded to your own device. Nalanda will email you the exams, and you can email your answers back to the Basic Program Coordinator or send them by post.

Joining Parts of the Resident Basic Program at Nalanda

Online students are welcome to come to Nalanda and join the Basic Program teachings at any time, even for just a short visit, or join the Basic Program retreats. Online students will also be given priority to attend any training events held at Nalanda, as part of the training component. These could include such courses as FPMT Rituals training or FPMT Foundation Training.

Will I be able to get a Certificate?

Students who successfully complete the requirements for the individual subjects, the three month review and final exam, and the one month lamrim retreat at the end of the program, will be issued a Home Study Completion Card by FPMT Education Services.

Online students who wish to receive a Subject Completion Card are required to:

  • Have a passing grade of 50% on all the exams related to a particular subject (these are done on an honour system)
  • Fulfil the meditation requirement of at least 45 minutes five days per week (this is also done on an honour system)
  • Have conduct that accords with Buddhist ethics, in particular, to train in refraining from killing, stealing, lying, sexual misconduct (adultery), and intoxicants
  • Practice awareness of positive and negative mental states, trying to integrate what is studied into your daily life in particular the practice of patience and concern for others.

How much will it cost?

The fee is €40 per month for lay students and €20 per month for ordained Sangha. This goes towards the costs of BP teacher, BP Translator and BP administration costs. Ordained Sangha can apply for free places if they need them. There is the option to pay for an entire module in advance.

How do I register?

Anyone interested in joining Nalanda's Basic Program Online (Homestudies) can contact the Basic Program Coordinator, Tenzin Rigchog by email: basic-program@nalanda-monastery.eu.