Tibetan intensive course at Nalanda
From 18th to 24th February 2017

Inscription will be open from 2nd January to 2nd February 2017.

Nalanda is offering an intensive course of Tibetan langage, during one week. This course is a unique opportunity, in France, to deepen one's own knowledge of Tibetan, a langage precious to follow the teachings of the buddhas. As His Holiness Dalai Lama and other lamas say, the greatest collection of Dharma texts is in Tibetan langage. Knowing it give us acces to this amazing field of Buddhist practice !

This course will be oriented toward people who have already some basic knowledge (alphabet and basic sentence structures).

It will have two focus

* The first one is about immersion, to develop the colloquial aspect of Tibetan, by putting students in different contexts, while communicating in Tibetan.
* The second class is about building Dharma vocabulary and developping skills to listen to our lamas teachings.

So, two main classes : colloquial in the morning and Dharma in the afternoon.

It is also possible to chose only one of those two topics (coloquial or Dharma)

Immersion Colloquial class

The idea is to put students in specific contexts every morning, to listen and communicate in Tibetan langage. They will then gather around the teacher to review the vocabulary and sentence structures. So, each day will have a different subject, meeting different Tibetan speaking people. We will visiting the work-shop and chat with our Tangka painter and artist, Sonam ; we will also cook momos (in Tibetan only!), go to the village, do interviews to Tibetans, etc.

The teacher

Jampa Tashi is a Tibetan who lives in Nalanda since 2010. In India, after a few years as a young monk  he went to Bangalore University to study marketing. He also speaks English and French. Since he arrived in Nalanda, he has been giving Tibetan class to many people, building up his experience. His knowledge ans skills are impressive, indeed !

Dharma class

The goal of this class is to train in listening Dharma teachings and to build up the essential Dharma vocabulary. The goal is to start to understand our lamas teachings ! So it is not a class about litterary translation, nor classic grammar, but about oral Dharma. We will listen to some general teachings (recorded) and try to decipher and spell out those concepts and words. This class is inter-active and dynamique.

The teacher

Katy Fradet. Working as translator in Nalanda since 2014. She followed the LRZTP translator course in Dharamsala in 1998, starting translating Dharma teachings in 2000. During 10 years, in Dharamasala, she worked principally in Thosamling nunnery and institute, translating the Buddhist philosophical programs and teaching Tibetan-Dharma. Main while, she was also translating for various great Lamas, including His Holiness Dalai Lama, for whom she is still translating occasionally (into Spanish) in India.

The class will be two hours a day. Students will also need to take time to review the material and memorize the vocabulary. Ideally, they should brin an audio-player, to listen to the teachings again, as home-work !

hhdl katy
His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Katy Fradet


Katy Fradet and one of her tibetan Lama

General information

The level required:

The student needs to know the Tibetan alphabet, as well as the basic structures of sentences. She should be able to have a basic conversation.

Daily schedule:

Morning : dedicated to colloquial, from 9h to 12h30.
One part will be to be immersed ina specific situation. The second part is to gather around Gen Jampa Tashi, to review the new vocabulary, etc.

Afternoon : Dharma class with Katy, for two hours (15h to 17h)
The end of the afternoon will be dedicated to one's own studies : review, memorisation, etc.

The course will be given in French or English (depending on the students), with simultaneous translation.


Inscription will be open from 2nd January to 2nd February 2017.
(We might cancel the course if there are less then 10 people registered on 2nd February)

Fees : 220 euros (140 euro for one topic only) (special price for Sangha).

For registration send us a mail.