logo-spiritual-Nalanda 179x188Nalanda is a unique Buddhist monastery for Western monks in the Tibetan Geluk tradition, located about 40 km from Toulouse in the Tarn district of Southwest France.

Currently, around 25 monks and 50 lay people and nuns form the core of the community. Nalanda Monastery offers an ideal environment to combine study and practice in an appropriate lifestyle. Primarily, Nalanda aims to be a home for monks to train in philosophy, monastic discipline and retreats.

Nalanda has two full-time study programs, the FPMT Basic Program and Masters Program. These programs are open to monks, nuns and lay people. The courses are taught by highly qualified teachers, who are geshes from Sera Monastery (India). Additionally, Nalanda is very fortunate to welcome other distinguished teachers and High Lamas throughout the year.

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Venerable Lobsang Tenzin Jangtse Choeje Rinpoche at Nalanda monastery

19, 20 and 21 august 2015 

Jangtse Choeje Rinpoche

We are very pleased to announce the visit of Rinpoche. 

The teachings will take place by the evening.

Rinpoche will teach on "Praise of Dependent Arising" a text from Lama Tsong Khapa.

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One month Lam Rim meditation retreat



We are very happy to announce a one month summer Lam Rim meditation retreat at Nalanda with Ven. Dondrub (Neil Huston).

The retreat will take place from Sunday July 26 until August 25, and is an excellent opportunity for those who need to fulfill the retreat criteria for FPMT study programs.